Small Electric Animals




 Recommended age: 3-10
Max rider weight: 60kg | 132 lbs

Product dimension: 24 H x 17 W x 28 L
Seat to Floor height: 18″
Battery: 6V 7AH (rechargeable)
Motor: 6V 25W
Frame: Full Forged Steel
Material: high quality soft padded Plush
Fabric care: spot clean and air dry
Accelerator: foot pedal (forward/backwards)
Music: 1 programmed song
Operating time: approx 2 hours
Charging time: 2 hours
Power supply: included
Max speed: 2 KM/H
Box size: (20″h x 18″’w x 26″L)
Gross weight: 11.4kg | 25lb 



 The Giddy Up Horse is a big improvement to the old traditional rocking horse or spring horse. Giddy Up Horse moves by the rider’s gentle motion from bouncing up and down on the saddle which causes the horse’s legs to propel forward in a galloping motion. All Giddy Up Horses are able to steer left and right making them ideal for indoor and outdoor fun. 


Small horses- $180

Medium horses- $235

Large horses- $250

Small horses can hold a rider up to 77lbs. For ages 1-4

Medium horses can hold a rider up to 132lbs. For ages 4-10

Large horses can hold riders up to 165 lbs. For ages 12 and up